Let Go and Live: Experiencing Emotional Freedom

By Jeanette Griffin

Having children is one of the best training grounds for learning the all too important lesson of letting go. We begin learning this from the time our child takes their first unassisted step. We feel mixed emotions as our child let’s go of our hand and steps away from us. It can be both exciting and sad to see them growing up and away. It doesn’t come easy for most moms to do it with ease; we want to hold onto our child(ren) for dear life as long as we can. It is within our human DNA to hold on. It is also taught to us by our parents, peers, and society to “hold on for dear life, “and “keep a grip on reality.”

Just as with having no control over our child growing and moving away, we cannot control our lives by placing rigid expectations on how it should be. This is one of the biggest causes of emotional stress...Read more...

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