What is a Comfort Zone and Are You Still Comfortable There?

By Jeanette Griffin

As mothers we are told how important it is to have routines. Routines help our children feel secure and keep the household running smoothly. They make for a less stressed life. We learn to trust these routines and feel that they help maintain sanity and balance in our lives. What I am about to tell you goes against all of those principles that you have heard up until now.

But first I’d like to confess something.

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Jeanette Griffin
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New Breed Mama said...

Kiss your comfort zone goodbye!! http://bit.ly/agVOKL

Routines ARE absolutely important for our children. I am by no means saying that you should subject your kids to a chaotic and totally spontaneous lifestyle. However, as adults we often find ourselves continuing to do what we feel comfortable with and denying our "true self" and life-long dreams. I challenge each and every one of you who read Jeanette's article to Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye!

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