The 4 Most Common Mommy Stressors

By Jeanette Griffin

Every mom stresses. For many moms the worrying begins before their child is even born. She worries if she is eating well enough, taking the right vitamins, is the baby moving enough… Most moms would agree that the worries and concerns are all worth the extra heart burn with the first snuggle, the first smile, the first coo. Children enter our lives bearing gifts. They endear us from the get go and the new-parent euphoria can leave us with a case of temporary “New Parent Amnesia”. New Parent Amnesia puts us in a state where we lose all or most of our memory of our pre-parent life.

Our children also bring with them a whole new set of responsibilities. Responsibilities that can leave even the most prepared parent feeling overwhelmed and ill prepared. Parental stress doesn’t go away it only changes and takes on new facets Read more...

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